Where you were trying really hard to impress, to please someone so they would like you, to get a guy to think you are feminine and high value, to keep a man…

You know that energy, when you tune in to it—where you are trying really hard...

Trying really hard to be nice

To be enough

To be cool

To be liked

To be significant

To be confident

I want you to share with us below a recent time that comes to mind where you were trying really hard and in a way dismissing your "already there" worth.

This exercise is powerful because it brings presence and awareness to the moment we self-abandon and move into masculine, hardened, contracted, inauthentic energy so the next time it begins to happen, while it is happening you will pull into awareness and observe this.

Share with us below—it could have been yesterday, this week or several years ago.

Tell us what happened and how it made you feel in a moment where you were trying really hard...

You are always loved,

- Gio