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"Thank you forever Gio and team! I’m engaged to the love of my life! This beautiful non-commital man and I had been dating on & off for 2 years. He constantly blew hot and cold, never pursued or took the lead and told me pointblank he had “sworn off marriage.” I knew in my heart our connection was special and decided to work on me and see what would happen. Well, he started to pursue me hard within 3 months at EFW [Embodied Feminine Woman Insitute]!!! He kept telling me there was something so different about me and he couldn’t get enough! The more I did this life changing progam’s inner work and listened to the teachings the more he would magically open up and fall for me! Within weeks we became exclusive and he seemed like another man! Wow! Now looking back this relationship has been the happiest of my life. We never fight or argue and our love just flows beautifully between us. When things do come up we work through them (learning about feminine communication and doing the heart work here were HUGE.) Nine months later he started hinting at a proposal and then went and asked my dad for permission to marry me! That is something I had always dreamed of my future husband doing. He proposed in a simple, perfect way that was so "us" in every way. I feel adored every day by a man that treats me like a queen. He never wavers and his steady love brings tears to my eyes. My man is my rock, my best friend and my home. The EFW institute is magical and I have grown more than I could have ever imagined. It has been the most incredible gift to myself. I remember back when I was hesitating thinking it was a big investment now I would have paid ten times more. The price is NOTHING compared to the changes you see in your life and what you get in teachings and results! I only wish I had done it sooner!"


"I’m engaged to my beautiful, high-value man! The love of my life! We are shopping for our new home this week! We also just got back from a week in Hawaii that was the most magical experience of my life. The trip was an incredibly victory for me because years ago a man I was with left me on a trip we were on and since then I was always afraid of going on long trips with any man I was dating. I had this deep fear he’d see the real me and leave!
I can’t believe my dreams have come true and I can’t imagine my life without this man! I try to picture my life before him and it feels like another lifetime. I came to this program single and am now getting married to my soulmate! My incredibly strong, masculine man is the kindest, most beautiful soul and is my dream come true!
For so long I believed that we are alone in life and that you could never really trust or rely on a man because if you relied too much he would leave! Talk about abandonment issues which bring me to my next thought.
Ladies I spent years bouncing from relationship program to program, spending thousands of dollars with different coaches with little to no results. They all told me the same things but never got to the CORE of what was really going on inside me! I felt like a failure because I wouldn’t succeed and felt stuck. When I didn’t make progress I got blamed and told I wasn’t trying hard enough. I always felt like there was a big piece that I wasn’t getting that I really needed.
As soon as I joined Gio’s programs I knew this was what I had been looking for. I immediately began to heal through the inner work which is taught in a way I had never seen before. I started to come home to myself, have compassion and real love for myself and really understand why my life had gone the way it had. The program both gave me practical help and a deep spiritual foundation for relationships and for relating to myself. I no longer saw men as difficult and stopped seeing love as hard or elusive. My life began to have a peace and a calm that I had never experienced before. I realized so clearly I’d spent most of my life in pure survival! I also learned how attraction REALLY works with men, how to deeply connect with them and the rest was easy and happened fast! There is nothing cookie-cutter about this approach! It is profound! This is the best relationship and healing program in the world and I am so grateful to you Gio that you decided to follow your path and help us! God bless you!"


I wanted to share with you some updates. I'm in my 25th week of pregnancy and doing great. We are having a boy. We got married in my favorite area of the Lake (really the world). We celebrated with our families at a dinner that night. He is really amazing and treats me so well. I am so very happy. Thank you for all of your help and support. A pic from our special day is attached. xoxo